"Armed Defense" a short film, based on story by Dmitry Bakin, about one man's attempt to defend himself. A man (40s) in one night turns his house into a fortress with guns and barricades, barbwire and land mines preparing to withstand an attack of an army that he believes is coming any minute from all sides and with no possibility to surrender. He is completely sane.

Is he a war veteran who is incapable to leave behind the nightmarish routines of war? Or is he a patriot who bought a gas mask on 9-11 and is getting ready for the red alert? Or is he staging an individual act of resistance against the military-industrial complex that is broadcasting fear into our bedrooms and war into our phones? ?Armed Defense? is a digital poem, a cinematic ritual of sacrifice that will expose the viewer to the concept of defense on a visceral and emotional level. It will zoom in on a particular experience of a single individual and reveal his terrorized psyche and terrified body, his loneliness in fear and his humanity in death.

"Little by little he grew used to walking in the boots and used to ignoring his own sluggishness, believing the tortoise owed its longevity to its very sluggishness. He though he had to think just as slowly as he moved, otherwise he would die on the inside much sooner than on the outside. And in addition he had to slow the coursing of the blood in his veins, that way there would be less wear and tear, because the friction would not be so strong; slow the rhythm of his heart beats, because the hammer used to knock in a thousand nails will wear out sooner than a hammer used to knock in one; check the impetuous torrent of his thoughts to the sluggish rhythm of a clock's pendulum, that was his secret."